10 Things I Wish I Knew In 2005

in #business10 months ago

Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started In 2005....
(In no particular order)

  • Time is the most valuable asset you have. Spend it wisely!
  • Get in line, stay in line. The second you step out, there are hundreds of people waiting to move into your spot.
  • Website design will make or break your business. Do not cheap out! No one wants to look at 1997 graphics.
  • Quality over Quantity wins EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  • You won't be good at everything. Ever. Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses.
  • Who you align yourself with is a major part of your success. Get the right people around you and you'll thrive.
  • Your customers are not walking dollar signs. They are real people with stories and they matter. People before profits, always.
  • Not every customer is right for you and that is okay. Don't let that get you down.
  • In order to find good results you have to take risks. Take them.
  • It's okay to say no when you get overwhelmed. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

There are a bajillion more lessons….but I'll save those for future posts!

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Well done!

Thank you!

Beautiful lessons if implemented can be destiny changing.

Yes it has to be applied for anything magical to happen :)

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Great list. 2005 would have been good, but about 1965 would be better for me.

Thanks Jangle!

1983 would have been great too but.....when you know better, you do better! <--- Maya Angelou

These are GREAT points, Janelle! I h ave learned a lot of these lessons on my journey, for sure. The time one is DEFINITELY one I struggle with lol.

I also have recently added self care to that list - not in the going to the spa type of self care (although, that is nice too lol). It is more about making sure your tank is full before you help others. I am constantly being reminded of this myself but when I do this, I can show up much better for the people who need me & in the business world.

Great post! Thanks for sharing! :) 💜

It's good to know which ones you need to work on. For me it's that not every customer is right for you...not so much that I need everyone to buy my stuff but I sometimes struggle with not taking things personal.

I'm working on that :)

I totally get it, girl. I can be a bit sensitive at times or I just plain get on my soap box when I should be biting my tongue 😂🤣

We'll get there...I have faith 😉🙌🔥

very true, do not stress for winning everything and focus on strength.

Very true, Saachi. Focusing on your strengths is an important part.

Who you align yourself with is a major part of your success. Get the right people around you and you'll thrive

I love this one.

Ps. I’m so happy to see organic engagement on your blog

Thank you so much, Nathan :) That means a lot. I try to keep the content fresh. It's actually not easy for me but I am enjoying the challenge.

That's a nice list! It would be great that we are ALWAYS aware of those things in every moment... :)

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Wouldn't it be amazing? But we'd know everything....kinda boring, no?

Well... we KNOW those things, but we are not AWARE of them 24/7... that's the problem... :)

Those are all great lessons and I do believe there is many more but for sure these will get anyone going. Great post

Sooooo many more! Thanks Mike

Those are awesome points and they will never get old even for the next 15 years ;)
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Eliana. Just need to remember and apply them!

Thanks for sharing this advice Time is valuable

It's so valuable, Howy. Thanks for your comment :)

Insightful post! Thanks for sharing about these. I totally agree about time. For me, it's a very valuable resource. Happy weekend! :)

Thank seems to be the common favorite! Never seems to be enough time.

Nice list of lessons to keep in mind..

Thank you. I hope it can help some people :)

Hi @jangle this is a great post and ten pints that everyone should have on their desk in front of. and a great series for Blg Posts


Thank you so much, Russell! That means a lot.

These are great pieces of wisdom that can help anyone getting started or even someone who has been in business for awhile and is struggling. Thanks for sharing them.

Thank you Lisa. :) I think it's important for anyone, struggling or not. Sometimes when we aren't "struggling", we tend to forget these points even more.

Awesome tips I think I will have to make a copy and put them on my motivation wall. So I can keep moving forward

Bonnie, thank you :) I hope it can help keep you moving forward. You can do it!

All really great advice Jannelle, and quite a few that I need to work more on myself, thanks for sharing and have an awesome weekend.

Thank you, Erik :)

For me this one is the key: Your customers are not walking dollar signs. They are real people with stories and they matter. People before profits, always.

Thank you. Yes, SO many people forget that and get caught up in the sale. It took me forever to learn this.

Great advices -motivation when i feel down.TY

Thank you so much :)

Awesome post Janelle. All of the points are right on but the 1st one about time is where I need to make the most improvements. There are so many great things to do at all times ...we never run out of them. There is no way we can do them all so we should do what is best not only for us personally but for our community, our team mates, our friends and family!

@jangle, These are all good things to know when doing business. I wish I knew some of these things back when I started and maybe I would be in a higher and stronger place then I am.