Vote For The Burn Barrel 🔥

in #burnrewards2 months ago (edited)

On April 1st 2021 we burned 1 Hive.
This was an interesting experiment.
Can we increase the burn to 🔥 2 🔥 Hive today?

Here is the Burn Barrel.



I gave you a few suggestions on POWER UP DAY! ALSO DECLINE REWARDS DAY <-
You don't have to burn a lot. You don't have to use your balance either. Just vote on the Burn Barrel. Part of the rewards will be sent to @null, reducing the supply of Hive and increasing the value of the rest of it. If you have never done this, try it out for yourself. Write a letter and burn the rewards.

Light up this barrel and see how much Hive we can burn this week!

Or select Donate to the Hive Fund. That is a nice thing to do. If you leave a comment, I will still give you an upvote! Also vote on the Declined payout post if you didn't before, and Power Up!