How much Hive do you power up each day?

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I ask this because I have decided to Power Up 13 Hive whenever I can this year, because I have determined that this amount consistently will help me reach my goal. Now today, with Hive at $0.726 US, that means 13 Hive is just under $12 Canadian. I could eat $12, or I could power up.

The choice is really mine to make.


It was anyways, but I decided to power down a bit in order to have some funds for LEO and I am glad I did because the overall value of my account has continued to rise.


So with my HP at 1,551 HP currently, I am going to consistently power up around 13 Hive as often as I can so that I can reach my goal of 5000HP by the end of the year.


I also just discovered that @nathanmars delegated 2,000 HP to me 2 days ago! WOW Thank you so much Nathan, I truly appreciate it and I will continue to vote for Minnows and the best content I can find on Hive. I am here for the long term, and I appreciate your confidence in me.

Powered up 13 HP - 7 minutes ago


I should set a goal like this.

Most definitely! Imagine how good it will feel like when you get there. I currently have a delegation so I feel like I am 2x as strong! I am gifting users with many of my upvotes, to share the rewards. POWER UP! The future of Hive looks bright.

Awesome my dude! I've sent most of my HP out as delegations as well, i try to keep around 100HP for myself and delegate the rest out. I'm not sure if there is a right or wrong way of doing it. All HIVE I've earned just goes into staking, but yeah more incoming in general: bigbrainidea

You set a good goal. I have some funds for transfer as well. Building this community is a lot of fun when we all go into it.