The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

sol og trær A.jpg

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Near the river

Ana Maria is always bathing on the banks of the hidden river, always so tender and modest, I am riding on the tree, knocking down mangoes but I can't help seeing her, she notices and smiles at me.
I miss seeing her smile because I know how shy she is, I got off the tree as fast as I could, but when I reached the river I didn't find her.
I ran to my house happy for what happened, on the way I found her with her mother and her little brothers, I did not know what to say, I think that my love for her silenced me.
The next day I bathed and dressed well, cut some flowers along the way and sat down again on a branch of the mango tree, when a few minutes passed Ana Maria arrived I noticed that with her gaze I look for myself.
I got off the tree and my heart beat fast when I saw that Ana Maria was waiting for me there, I greeted her and offered her flowers, greeted me and smiled at me.
We talked for a long time on the banks of the river, when the hours passed I asked him to accompany me to the mango tree to see a beautiful view.
We sat together on a branch we could continue to see the water of the river run, we heard the song of the birds, some croaking frogs and the sunset came.


Although the view was beautiful, what I liked the most was having Ana Maria that afternoon with me, from that day every afternoon we were there.

thank you for your great story @jdbs

Canary and Ants

In the afternoon the canary canary perched on a tree branch above the river. he wants to drink to quench thirst. When finished he and his friends mingle. At that moment he saw a red ant drifting. The ant was just trying not to sink and hoping to meet a current that was not swift so he could swim to the shore. however, it turns out that the flow was getting heavier.
"Please, Help me!"
screaming red ant surprised the canaries.
"We must help him."
All his friends agreed to help the drifting ant.
They pecked the leaves to form a row of leaves like a bridge.
"Ants, hurry up and swim and get on the leaves!" the canaries shouted.
The ant immediately grabs the leaf and walks towards the river's edge with the leaf bridge. Ants are very grateful for the help of the canaries. Finally they lived near the tree together. Many other ants also migrate there until finally the canaries and ants guard the place.
The joy of the walnuts with the chirp made a hunter interested in capturing them.
"I'll sell this for sure, it's expensive," thought the hunter.
A few days later the ants saw the hunter laying a trap net in the tree where the canary can gather. At that time the canaries did not realize there was a trap. The hunter hiding in the big trunk above the river hopes to catch all the canaries soon. some red ants call out to their friends.
"Let's chase away the hunter"
the ants line up next to the hunters. Hunters who continue to monitor the collection of canaries are not aware of the presence of ants.
The ants gang up on the hunter by biting its body. There is also some ants that goes into the hunter's ear so he feels pain. So many ants that attacked made him fall into a deep river. Canaries only know when they hear the sound of a hunter falling.
"Thank you, you really are our family."
"You're welcome. As a family we are obliged to help each other,"
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thank you for your story @rokhani

A secret in the river

Only the river knows our love forbidden secret

That secret of you as a man in love being unfaithful to your house

That secret of mine that burns my soul, only the river is an accomplice of the experience

Our love was consumed among the waters of that river

I swear my beloved that every day I will return here waiting for you to come

I know it is secret what we live but only this hidden river I tell you what I feel.

thank you for your poem @anasuleidy

seeing this from the first person tells me that I am somewhere on the planet, where all I can feel is peace and tranquility. Beginning with that sun with a powerful brightness, but knowing that it has not much to hide while the clouds are covering it little by little, looking away from the horizon you can see that infinite and calm sea, while I would be sitting under those trees that I have to the sides, all this is a product of my imagination that I rest with this image.

thank you for your good description @pequef

A perfect sunset, I like your work, my friend.

thank you so much @elider11

great job

What a wonderful sunset

its beautiful

Se asemeja a un lugar remoto donde la baja temperatura congela las aguas de un determinado ambiente natural, y, donde la luz de un amanecer le da cierta calidez al lugar que invita a soñar despiertos por la inspiración que se instala en las entrañas del alma al contemplar tan bello paisaje.Felicitaciones xpilar muy hermosa tu obra.

thank you for your good description @brismar

I was starring at the pic during some it is really thoughprovoking and really awakens many feelings.
can I write my thoughts, or it must be a story with characters, and the pic should be somehow involved there?
Not for your upvote, just really liked the pic and its mood. Sunsets are magical, and it's one of my favourite painting theme. I am not a painter though, just a spectator;)

It is your imagination that counts @taliakerch,
nice if you write a story

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Its beautiful. Art is just so amazing.
I too have my new artwork posted today ☺

Sunset in paradise... Looks fantastic, @xpilar

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Pleasant view...
Which is Sunset or morning sun shape?

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hehe, it's your imagination that decides @golden.future

Beautiful and a creative artistic artwork , the sunset and sea of this amazing artwork looks nice

thank you so much @obest

Beautiful sunshine over the ocean.

Beautiful image, thanks

You are welcome

very nice and great imagination my dear @xpilar

sun shadows effects is so nice,it's looking like ORGINAL.

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thank you so much @nevlu123

an imagination of natural beauty with a breathtaking sky and water

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Great look. I imagine the dawn by the sea. When nature is still asleep. You sit on the shore and look into the distance at a horizon that is endless.

thank you for your description @magnata

Hai@xpilar pemandangan yang sangat bagus dan indah

The yellow of sunlight that illuminates the sea.

nice view of the nature with very attractive colors

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It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine, and things pushing up and working under the earth. So wonderful pic, it's real?

no it's not real,
thanks for your description @anil566

Beautiful digital art work

I love his daily digital art Mr. @xpilar and more when he dedicates it to nature

thank you so much @solangeh

What a beautiful view in the ocean when the sun is shining.

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Water, the sun and some trees... beautiful. Looks so peaceful with no man-made structures in sight. Nice art, @xpilar.

thank you so much @numpypython

Love the sunset picture

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, The Divine View.

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very nice view

Now that looks glorious isn't it perfection with everything on that one

thank you so much @blazing

a very extraordinary picture, surely many people like it

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Beautiful imagination nice view.

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Hello xpilar, the natural view on the beach when the sun goes down, it looks very beautiful. I really like the natural scenery like that.

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Hello @xpilar, beautiful sunset in the middle of the beach, fantastic image.


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thank you so much @akhimoni

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Hi @adityajainxds

Thank you for your kind request
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