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Taking advantage of the euphoria that is waiting for the third edition in @dcitygame which will take effect this weekend. The SIN token has had a rebound in its price, even today it obtained a momentary pump of more than 100% increase, to then return to the pattern it had.



The third edition promises many things that we hope will help the game economy grow, and see if that way they already take away those crazy taxes. Here you can read the announcement of what is coming.

So what we came for!

In order to help integrate more players and give more dynamism to the game, I thought of creating this small contest where participants can win two NFT cards for their cities in Dcity. The cards will be:

  • Forest = 372 SIN
  • Workers = 59 SIN

Participants only have to make a prediction about the price of the SIN Token for May 2 at 8:00 p.m., to measure the effect of the launch of the third edition on the price of the Token. Leave a comment on this post with your prediction to participate.


  1. Only one prediction per participant is allowed.
  2. You can only give your prediction until May 1 at 8:00 p.m.
  3. The token price prediction must be relative to SIN = HIVE.
  4. The winner will be the one that is closest to the price of the token on the agreed date and time.

Any questions leave it in the comments. And luck to all.

The images are screenshots.


0.25 HIVE per SIM is my guess for the price.

0.37 HIVE per SIM

My prediction: 1 SIM = 0.008 HIVE

@holovision not a bad prediction if you ask me...

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Thank you. All I did was doubled the recent spike value so it's not a prediction I have a lot of data to justify but it seems at least plausible for a prediction.

I would say a little lower. 0.007 Hive.
Maybe it will be even lower, for example 0.005 Hive or 0.006 Hive.

If you're entering I think you need to commit to one specific value. No spreading.😁

0.38 Hive/Sim

0.3 Hive per SIM

Yay! 🤗
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Today is the great day to find out who made the best prediction about the price of the SIN token. as there was not much participation, it is easy to determine the winner. Thanks to all the participants and those who supported by sharing the post.

0,005 hive per sim

Your participation could be sent until yesterday at 8 pm. Regards.

Well the winner of the 2 NFTs will be indisputably @holovision with their prediction of 1 SIM = 0.008 HIVE. Congratulations, I have sent you your award. The rest are lucky for the next one.