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... us very deeply and in a way many external aspects holds the Power to influence or to change our Mood. So we have to make sure that we are allowing those aspects which are tuning our mood positively.

I bought this Wallet approximately four years back and one thing i really like about it and that is, no matter if i am facing Financial Struggles or any other problems it reminds me to Think Positive and in my opinion these kind of little aspects can play effective role when we really need it.

Our Mind is Neutral aspect and it will going to intake what we are feeding it. So, we have to make sure that we are feeding it those aspects which will help us Positively. But, also we have to agree that staying always in Positive Mindset is not possible because we are in the World Of Dualism.

But at least we can make sure that we are surrounding ourselves with those aspects which are Injecting 💉 us positively. Many times we blame others if we are facing any issues but we are controllers of our Emotions and Destination.


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Let's bring that positivity

Yes. Thank you so much for your response. Stay blessed. 🙂



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Maybe 2020 is the year for us, for Steem! 🙏

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