The supremacy of Law and Justice

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How are you doing? Have you ever thought a world without any laws and regulations. Can we even consider a world without regulation and enforcement of law. Law has prevailed as a strong instrument of justice, equality, fairness and upholder of people's rights and choices. No society can prevail the absence of law. However law should have its own pros and cons. A stringent and severe law is no less than punishment.

History has witnessed the manipulation of law by aristocrats and tyrants to put people into misery. Going back on ancient eras, the words of King was law back then. Laws and regulations should have righteousness and nobility of people at large, it should not be biased toward a specific class, region, gender etc. Then law is essential to enforce regulations and compliances. Without a sense of fear or persecution by law, we can't even imagine how ruthless and inhuman people will be.

Then we have community and religious laws. There laws can be relaxed, stringent, contentious, sacred as the people seem. However we can see many examples of mistreatments in name of communal and religious laws. Law is no less than a powerful tool. It comes with great power and responsibility. It cannot be generalised and should be amendable from time to time.

In India we have a written constitution i.e. law is Supreme and no one is above law. That's one of the best thing about democracy. The laws here are subject to judicial review i.e. every law passed by legislature can be quashed by Judiciary if violates the constitution of India. Law here give hope to common man to stand up and speak for himself. We have been endowed with seven fundamental rights in India and in case of violation of these rights, the person can approach the apex court in the country i.e. Supreme Court of India. There is a common saying in India that in Justice here is delayed not denied. However considering such a huge population and less number of judges in the country, the legal processes are quite slow and can easily last for many years.

A fair and virtuous judiciary can definitely make a great impact in society. We humans have our duty and responsibility towards the law. As a law abiding citizens, we should never ignore a crime or violation of law in front of us. As is said that ignoring a crime/ not taking action on a crime is as bad as committing a crime. We should not let the injustice around us prevail and we should be aware of our legal rights as well. Having a basic legal education is very important in today's times. Being aware of one's rights and a sense of developing awareness about legal and judicial system of one's country is a must requirement.

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