#Thriveonhive | Just Getting Started

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What's this 'Thrive on Hive'?

Well this is the latest challenge I'm doing. the goals habe been laid out & the tasks of how to get there have been set. While I have been doing some of these things for a while now, some of them I have not and will start.

I will have to make me a tracking sheet for keeping track on this one as I have already acheived goal 1 but that doesn't mean that I stop doing the tasks. I will post periodorically (weekly at minimum) to report my successes and failers (if any).
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Here's the Goals & Task as set forth;

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Here is My Tracking Sheet

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Now here you may notice that everything is not on my tracking sheet as it is on the goals, the reason being is that I just don't do that thing or it's not for me. It's not about my comfortzone either. I don't play Splinterlands so there's no need to include it in my daily activity. I also left out D.C.A. to hive daily, not because Iv'e already reach goal 1 but because I just don't have it like that and I try to do DCA on a weekly basis when I'm doing my weekly goals update. hive dividers02.png

See Ya next time!!

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Header Banner Made in Canva with pics of text in Original Calander

Signature banner made in Canva with FB avatar


Love it!

Awesome little calendars. You'll be amazed at how fired up you get when you have green check marks all over them!