My Thoughts on Current Markets-1


Today, the US central bank FED has an interest rate decision. Investors should not take a selling position with fear and panic. There may be fluctuations in the dollar index. We have all seen that when the dollar index sags below the 100 level, the euro-dollar parity attacks above the 1.12 level. Second resistance levels will target 1.15 again. Today, we will see the answer to this question, whether it will be 1.0950 level or above 1.1150 level after FED's interest rate decision. The general expectation of the markets is that the FED will increase the interest rate by 25 basis points. However, my personal opinion is 50-50%. They continue to suppress and manipulate the markets with their rhetoric. Therefore, I cannot say that there will be a definite increase in interest rates. You should act accordingly while taking the position.

An ounce of gold, at the 1965 dollar level, fell 2 times to the 1952 level yesterday. The level we will follow below is the level of 1930 dollars in 1935 continuation. It was stuck in the narrow band gap before the FED decision. It does not make a downward or upward breakout without seeing the FED's decision. If the US central bank had priced 100% from the FED's interest rate decisions, we would most likely see a currency regressed to the level of 1930-1935 dollars in the markets right now. But if the FED raises 25 basis points today, the 1935 and 1930 support levels will work. If the FED does not increase interest rates, we can see new attacks above 2000 dollars per ounce.

I will follow the $23.80 support level at $24.70 per ounce of silver. Yesterday's declines were as low as 24.29. From here again, 23.80 is a strong support level. Above $26 is the resistance level. I think every sag below the $24 level gives a good buying opportunity for medium and long-term investors. We have an ounce of silver price that will move upwards by two dollars each in the form of 26 dollars and 28 dollars in August very soon. Currently, the dollar index is at the level of 101, maybe 102 103 dollars above. This will become clear today. There will be good opportunities to buy euro, sterling, gold, silver, that is, to do this over parity. The next week and 10 days are the days of opportunity. I think these days should be evaluated.

The price of Brent oil per barrel rose from $83 to $83.44. Again, a pullback may be possible from here. We have an oil price that is a little more sensitive to tensions in international politics. Therefore, it continues to hover between the 80-83 dollar levels. The important question is: Can it hold above the $83 level? I will continue to follow the $78 support level again.

Bitcoin continues to maintain its calm and horizontal process at 29223 levels. It's stuck in the narrow band gap. It made transactions in the range of 29000 to 29350 dollars. I think prices below $30000 will not be permanent. I don't think panic selling should be done.

Sterling-Dollar parity is at the level of 1.2877, here we have seen a pullback to the level of 1.28. I will be expecting fast attacks above 1.30 level with upward movements again.

My opinions are not investment advice. Please do your own research.