The Crypto World- Perseverance


Are you familiar with the word, perseverance? Before I stepped into 20, I learned this word while a friend of my mine used it while sharing her daily struggles with me and I wonder what this hard word meant, I asked her immediately without a delay so that I can understand her better. It is then that I learned that perseverance is the acceptance of the wrong that is happening and taking it all, while you are aware of the pain but you are taking it all in, that is called perseverance.

Why talk about perseverance here? Does crypto have nothing to do with perseverance? Oh boy, you have been playing a different game if you deny it! But, I won't judge you.



As time shifted and life got more complicated, I am not the same me, who entered this blockchain. I have learned a lot, and more than anything I have learned to take in the nonsense while appreciating the good. There is the downvote you see below, did you ever click it, I did but then I withdrew just before I had to confirm. I did it not because of my ego or of losing anything, I withdrew at the end moment because I thought maybe I should first interact with everyone and learn the right thing to do, before deciding to do something.

You see we are always very much concerned about not doing the wrong thing but most of us have already done the damage in many cases. We have downgraded the wrong people, we have insulted the wrong people and moreover, we had fights with the wrong people. So, I tend to avoid such engagements, instead, I observe the ones in power and learn from their footsteps. And, for doing so, you need to have patience, one that most of us lack.

So, we have our dada, whom we follow or take him as many of our ideal figure, not because of his power alone but because of the type of personality he presents to us. We learn from the knowledgeable. So, it is very important to not be abrupt in our decisions but to have patience. The ones who will win eventually are not the impatient ones and I am confident in this, you know why?

Because I have been one. I have been one and I have seen many people walk in the same footsteps. It was easier for me to see my mistakes when someone else does the same thing, but I wasn't able to see it when I did it myself. Being in any working place, one of the major things to look out for is being consistent and having patience for the right time. For this, you would need to have a good understanding of management skills and also the understanding of time. The trading world is not a piece of cake if you misunderstand but if you understand, it is the most pleasurable sight out there. It helps you stay healthy if you understand what I mean.

You all know right, slow and steady wins the race, if you try applying this theory at any time in the market you will actually be at loss. So, you would need to have the knowledge of time to actually succeed here or in your real life. This is our real life, isn't it?

Life in crypto is mainly about having perseverance, if you are not yet aware of it, bear with it and learn. I do believe that if you take the struggle you will understand it better. Also, do not rush! I have seen people rush and fall miserably while trading, if you are my friend, take my suggestion, do rush at the right time and go slow at the right time. Now figure out the right time! Time is money. Best wishes to everyone.

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