Annoying Tony

KeiraBurton source

Anytime am in school, especially in class the teacher usually ask questions in class then seeing people raising up their hands, and I will be like am not always serious in school, the teacher see people who don't raise their hand up don't know the answer, so one day I decided to approach a friend who usually raise up his hand in class, but the teacher will not called people who raised up their hands thinking those people who raised their hands in class know the answer, the teacher will have to called people who their hands is down knowing they don't know, when I ask Tony my friend and explain how does he usually raise up his hand in any questions the teacher ask knowing that u don't know the answer because I know u don't like reading or even sacrificing your time and study, Tony laugh 😂😂😂

My friend Jerry those questions the teacher's in school usually ask in class I don't know any of those answers if mistakingly the teacher called me out to answer those questions I won't even attempt one of the questions.

I was shock hearing what Tony my friend said, and so surprised, so the next day I decided to do what the some of the students usually do when a teacher ask questions in class.

That morning in class the math teacher came in with a annoying faces, he stated the class and asking questions, the first question the math teacher asked I raised up my hand pretending to know the answer, it work out well the man didn't call me thinking I knew the answer, same thing with the first, second and third time, it was the fourth time the man ask a question took up my hand but no one else took their hands up, I was surprised the man saw me, he was like you are a brilliant student only you in the whole entire class, stand up and tell me the answer!

I was like sir what do you say? he said stand up and say the answer you took up your hands means you know the answer, I stood up feeling so embarrassed looking left and right the whole student was clapping hands thinking u knew it, the next thing I told the man was sir I don't know the answer I raised up my hand so you will think I knew the answer that was the reason, everyone laugh 😂😂😂 loudly. The became angry and shouter at me I should sit down, so after the class I went to Tony an Tony started laughing at me, saying my guy you know get sense😂😂 i was ashamed of myself. Ever since that day I stop raising up my hands in class when I don't know the answer.

So Tony play smart with me 🙄🙄😂😂, no problem I will revenge.😂😂