Burritos-Bitcoin A game that will only be available on April 1


I discovered this game a few days ago in the Torum community and it will officially start on April 1 and end that same day, stay tuned because it will start from 9 a.m. Pacific time until 6 p.m.


The game consists of guessing a 6-digit password, some may seem easy but the possibilities are very high, the advantage is that they will only be with numbers from 1 to 9; Each player will have 10 chances and if they get it right they win a prize instantly and it will all depend on who guesses in the least amount of attempts.

One downside for most is that only US players are accepted as most of the prizes are redeemable burritos, or real food.

The jackpots are very high, you can see that the sponsors have too much money or want to attract a lot of public, for my part it seems a bit unfair that it is only for people based in the United States but, how would I go to California to eat my free chipotle ?.