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@HiveCoffee is now Live!!

Thisafternoon I have decided to read to you two documents, please use the show links and follow along. I also stream the Bitcoin markets live and curate LeoFinance! Leave a comment with your latest story and I will read it on the show for you! If you have proposals, let me know!

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1 Scenarios for the Future of Technology
and International Development
- May 2010
We are going to focus on the chapter called Hack Attack.

2 Cyber Polygon 2021 is coming up, so let's review the results from last year's Cyber Polygon 2020. Did you know about this?

One XL triple triple coffee in Canada is $2.30
so today that would be 2.62 LEO !

LEO is #2 by daily volume: $4,072.98

(DEC is #1 today! LeoDex)

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For the #ProofOfBrain ers out there, lets take a closer look at these two documents. I think they are important and deserve some time and attention, both for understanding the past as well as for preparing for the future.

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