Hello there, friends! My name is Bethany, and I love walking out my everyday adventures with Jesus! I spent four of the most challenging and most rewarding years of my life in Honduras teaching English at a mission school for the poorest students in our area. Although I'm a "gringa" on the outside, my heart is "catracha" (what Hondurans call themselves). Those years of daily challenge taught me to look at what I encountered each day not as obstacles, but adventures. I've been back in the U.S for over two years now, but Honduras has never left my heart. I look forward to sharing my past adventures with you, and inviting you into some new ones as well! I know you're probably wondering about "freesinger." The answer is quite simple: I sing freely! I love to sing and worship, and I believe that music has a great power to unlock and bring freedom to our hearts. I don't know if that will come out here as much, but we'll see... ;)
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