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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
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Curation reward: 1.858 CTP for taskmaster4450le/claude-ai-implementing-real-time-data-integration
Curation reward: 1.85 CTP for taskmaster4450/web-30-grows-another-potentail-entrant-into-the-stablecoin-market
Curation reward: 1.822 CTP for taskmaster4450le/another-hollywood-studio-being-gobbled-up-by-tech
Curation reward: 1.817 CTP for taskmaster4450/smart-contracts-are-live-on-hive-thanks-to-vsc
Curation reward: 1.807 CTP for elianaicgomes/wecouvbl
Curation reward: 1.829 CTP for taskmaster4450le/spacex-aims-to-change-cargo-delivery
Curation reward: 1.832 CTP for taskmaster4450/hive-the-grass-is-always-greener
Curation reward: 1.809 CTP for taskmaster4450le/big-tech-will-swallow-all-of-broadcasting
Curation reward: 1.832 CTP for taskmaster4450/web-30-a-staking-future
Curation reward: 1.806 CTP for taskmaster4450/will-web-30-change-the-world
Curation reward: 1.811 CTP for taskmaster4450/web-30-goal-distribute-and-decentralize-ai
Curation reward: 1.821 CTP for maddogmike/april-1st-2024-hive-power-up-day
Curation reward: 1.865 CTP for elianaicgomes/10-000-hp
Curation reward: 0.9 CTP for beststart/good-things-in-small-packages
Curation reward: 1.838 CTP for taskmaster4450le/supercomputing-is-falling-behind
Curation reward: 1.888 CTP for taskmaster4450/why-web-30-is-quickly-approaching
Curation reward: 1.855 CTP for taskmaster4450/the-future-of-hive-and-other-social-media
Curation reward: 1.821 CTP for taskmaster4450le/youtube-is-going-to-be-the-largest-live-tv-provider
Curation reward: 1.852 CTP for taskmaster4450/chatbots-coming-to-hive
Curation reward: 1.844 CTP for taskmaster4450le/joe-rogan-dominates-spotify-
Curation reward: 1.845 CTP for taskmaster4450/its-happening-the-exponential-rise-of-stablecoins
Curation reward: 1.838 CTP for taskmaster4450le/sora-to-end-hollywood-studios
Curation reward: 1.849 CTP for taskmaster4450/hives-middle-class-gets-stronger-and-people-drop-an-opportunity
Curation reward: 1.836 CTP for taskmaster4450le/leo-transaction-fees-a-potentially-enormous-revenue-stream
Curation reward: 1.846 CTP for taskmaster4450/hive-middle-class-developing
Curation reward: 1.867 CTP for taskmaster4450/hive-can-we-build-a-hyperlocal-stock-market
Curation reward: 1.839 CTP for taskmaster4450le/ai-showing-why-monetary-inflation-is-impossible
Curation reward: 1.88 CTP for taskmaster4450/what-hive-really-needs
Curation reward: 1.88 CTP for taskmaster4450le/what-is-the-future-of-espn
Curation reward: 1.887 CTP for taskmaster4450/trust-in-institutions-dropping-which-is-an-opening-for-web-30
Curation reward: 1.86 CTP for taskmaster4450le/leo-becoming-a-full-swapping-dex
Curation reward: 1.886 CTP for taskmaster4450/blockchain-moves-into-decentralized-machine-learning
Curation reward: 1.883 CTP for elianaicgomes/lodipqij
Curation reward: 1.92 CTP for taskmaster4450/tiktok-situation-shows-the-need-for-what-hive-is-building
Curation reward: 0.95 CTP for beststart/your-hive-legacy
Curation reward: 1.902 CTP for taskmaster4450/web-30-the-power-of-decentralized-networks
Curation reward: 0.942 CTP for beststart/uploading-music-from-youtube
Curation reward: 1.896 CTP for taskmaster4450/blockchain-is-vital-for-a-robotic-future
Curation reward: 1.868 CTP for elianaicgomes/stupid-fatigue
Curation reward: 1.852 CTP for taskmaster4450/youtubes-decline-should-help-web-30
Curation reward: 1.834 CTP for taskmaster4450le/grok-is-now-open-source
Curation reward: 1.827 CTP for maddogmike/2023-1-oz-niue-silver-phoenix-coin
Curation reward: 1.828 CTP for taskmaster4450/web-30-activity-money
Curation reward: 1.808 CTP for taskmaster4450le/leo-the-convergence-of-features-to-add-value
Curation reward: 1.831 CTP for taskmaster4450/rumble-opens-up-cloud-service-for-free-internet
Curation reward: 1.832 CTP for taskmaster4450/wall-streets-next-bitcoin-product
Curation reward: 0.916 CTP for beststart/leo-power-up-day-march-15-2024
Curation reward: 1.848 CTP for taskmaster4450/web-30-and-tim-bernerslee-talks-the-future-of-the-internet
Curation reward: 1.797 CTP for taskmaster4450le/maya-and-leo-the-impact-on-the-platform
Curation reward: 1.766 CTP for taskmaster4450/is-bitcoin-a-path-to-tyranny
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