Hive and the road to 40 cent

The Hive currency has risen significantly recently, coinciding with the great rise that Bitcoin has also reached, as it has risen to reach $37,000. Meanwhile, other currencies have also risen, perhaps at a greater rate than the rate of rise of Bitcoin, especially on the weekly basis, and this is what we notice in Ethereum, but for me today I will talk about Hive currency.

Hive currency has also risen wonderfully these days, reaching about $0.38, while early this morning it was close to $0.39, and this takes us to a new level that we want to reach, which is 40 cents, which I believe will coincide with Bitcoin reaching 40 thousand dollar But until this moment, the currency’s performance is very good, as during this day it rose by 3%, while the volume increased to reach 95%. As for the performance within 7 days, the currency reached an increase of 6%.

Our trading volume today amounts to $11 million, which is a very good number that puts the currency in a distinguished position on trading platforms and received great interest from traders, as well as the Marketcap, which reached $191 million thanks to the recent rise.

This outstanding performance from Hive is not only due to the rise in Bitcoin, but rather it is the result of work throughout this year from the distinguished team that we have, as we have attracted many users in the recent period and interaction has increased on all platforms associated with Hive, such as Ecency, Leofinance, and others. NFTs games are also playing their role in a very distinguished way at this time as well, and the great momentum that is occurring because of them.

What should we do?

I think that to increase the momentum of the currency, we must expand beyond the platforms affiliated with Hive, through advertisements for the network, as well as through the

Through the platform, we must increase interaction and help newcomers to better understand the Hive network, which represents Web3, which will certainly be the title of the next stage.

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