LeoFinance Growth Vs Leo Market Price: LeoFinance an Ecosystem With Distinction - Creating More Values Amidst the Bear Season


Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

It's another time to share about the resilient spirit of the LeoFinance ecosystem, most especially that of the team led by @khaleelkazi. It amazes me how everything is changing around the ecosystem amidst this bear season, it's owed to the kind of leadership we have at the helm of affairs. Kuddos to the @leofinanca team.



Today's post will center around the LeoFinance growth in terms of development during this bear season.

I can say that the developmental strides happening around the LeoFinance ecosystem started immediately after the launch of PolyCUB in early March.

PolyCUB as a DeFi platform came with something different from the usual DeFi 1.0 platforms, with a long term goal of performing a yield optimizing abilities.

It should be noted that there are many things that everyone expected from the PolyCUB project, but it's initial plan was to generate rewards from management fees, but with the launch of pHBD-USDC vault in April, the story around PolyCUB changed for better.

LEO has done nearly a full-round trip through this bear-bull-bear cycle. The time to build is when things look like they are their weakest. In fact, when LEO hit $1, our Team was less than 1/4 the size that it is now.
It's awesome to see the fundamental growth despite the drop in price. Our progress from a development perspective has never been so rapid.Source

Irrespective of the ongoing bear market, the LeoFinance ecosystem is still standing strong and not only that, it's increasing it workforce. This has been possible because of the level of values created by PolyCUB Multi-Token Bridge.

Let truth be told, I think the LeoFinance ecosystem is one of the fastest growing Web 3 platforms anywhere in most recent times. Also, we're second to none in the entire hive blockchain. This is as a result of the ongoing innovations around the LeoFinance ecosystem and it's Multi-token bridges that are value, value and value oriented.

With PolyCUB V2 just released a few days ago, LeoMobile V1 in app stores (or awaiting app store approval, but fully developed), LeoCommunity Pages done, LeoThreads nearly done, Multi-Token Bridge update for improved wrapping reliability and CUB V2 on the way, we've got so many things cooking at once.Source

The arrival of vexPolyCub some few days ago, have brought more values to the PolyCUB protocol, in the sense that it has reduced the influx of PolyCUB liquid with the 2 year locking period.

With the above, it's very clear that what gives value to a system like ours isn't the current price of Leo ♌ but the developmental strides achieved by the entire LeoFinance ecosystem.

Yes the price of Leo may be at $0.17, but that doesn't define the worth of the ecosystem, because in June alone about $4,000 worth came into the PolyCUB protocol from wrapping fees from PolyCub V2 vaults.

I'll finally say that, expect more values in couple of days to come, due to the influx of $ into vexPolyCub. Join the LeoFinance revolution now!

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