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91.837 CTP
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1 702.500 CTP

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
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6 months ago{ "account": "caroline675", "id": 55532351, "int_amount": 1702500, "precision": 3, "timestamp": "2020-04-14T15:56:53", "token": "CTP", "trx": null, "type": "stake_airdrop" }
6 months ago{ "account": "caroline675", "id": 55513196, "int_amount": 91837, "precision": 3, "timestamp": "2020-04-14T13:52:20", "token": "CTP", "trx": null, "type": "liquid_airdrop" }
6 months agoStaked 1702.500 CTP from jongolson
6 months agoIssued 91.837 CTP
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10 months agoAuthor reward: 0.092 CTP for caroline675/q0tgjw
10 months agoCuration reward: 0.714 CTP for pixiepost/pixiepost-re-mytechtrail-re-pixiepost-q0tf0o-20191111t173040398z
10 months agoCuration reward: 0.383 CTP for mytechtrail/re-pixiepost-q0tf0o
10 months agoCuration reward: 0.671 CTP for pixiepost/good-morning-happy-monday-7dfhy56o
10 months agoCuration reward: 0.531 CTP for ianballantine/que-sera-sera
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10 months agoCuration reward: 0.511 CTP for pixiepost/good-morning-happy-sunday-eqzi09lx
10 months agoAuthor reward: 2.387 CTP for caroline675/xz0fzu1keyb
11 months agoCuration reward: 1.302 CTP for pixiepost/card-of-the-day-your-hard-work-is-paying-off-qx3ufza5
last yearCuration reward: 2.188 CTP for justclickindiva/do-over-tuesday
last yearAuthor reward: 0.057 CTP for caroline675/pypca9
last yearAuthor reward: 4.943 CTP for caroline675/pypc4w
last yearCuration reward: 1.520 CTP for greensempire/never-give-up-on-your-dreams
last yearCuration reward: 1.268 CTP for russellstockley/is-it-yours
last yearCuration reward: 1.204 CTP for bradleyarrow/start-of-a-new-month
last yearCuration reward: 0.674 CTP for ianballantine/where-have-all-the-flowers-gone
last yearCuration reward: 0.745 CTP for justclickindiva/2vj4qj-september-30th-coordinating-online-and-offline-projects
last yearCuration reward: 1.323 CTP for clicktrackprofit/pynxgp
last yearAuthor reward: 6.868 CTP for caroline675/pynwwv
last yearCuration reward: 1.214 CTP for clicktrackprofit/the-anti-excuse-blog-post
last yearAuthor reward: 3.023 CTP for caroline675/pynu8v
last yearCuration reward: 0.291 CTP for flaxz/re-elianaicgomes-pyniy2
last yearCuration reward: 0.611 CTP for elianaicgomes/the-affiliate-marketing-utilities
last yearCuration reward: 0.680 CTP for clicktrackprofit/the-ctp-update-are-we-way-ahead-of-the-curve
last yearCuration reward: 0.696 CTP for ph1102/word-of-the-day-gratitude
last yearCuration reward: 0.944 CTP for justclickindiva/where-in-the-world-is-luke
last yearCuration reward: 0.671 CTP for reefe/my-journey-into-ctp-and-ctptalk-day-42
last yearCuration reward: 1.293 CTP for mebroeck/pye566
last yearCuration reward: 0.654 CTP for mebroeck/how-fast-can-you-do-it-i-am-a-turtle-in-a-hare-s-race
last yearCuration reward: 0.618 CTP for pixiepost/1svmhw5t9ge
last yearAuthor reward: 2.124 CTP for caroline675/py8f4x
last yearCuration reward: 0.207 CTP for clicktrackprofit/the-ctp-update-the-official-store-and-more
last yearAuthor reward: 3.395 CTP for caroline675/pxzlq8
last yearCuration reward: 0.024 CTP for gadrian/re-ph1102-pxz0q8
last yearCuration reward: 0.156 CTP for ph1102/school-of-steem-voting-power-vp
last yearCuration reward: 0.130 CTP for russellstockley/pxx2np
last yearCuration reward: 0.131 CTP for ph1102/pxx2bu
last yearCuration reward: 0.168 CTP for jongolson/motivationwhentimesgetrough-xnl67ft71s
last yearCuration reward: 0.239 CTP for gadrian/vacation-over-13471ba0811f9
last yearCuration reward: 0.017 CTP for mamasez/px5ncr
last yearCuration reward: 0.134 CTP for jongolson/px569z
last yearCuration reward: 0.018 CTP for achim03/achim03-re-jongolson-olsonyoufatfk-om8th8prp1-20190901t072742475z
last yearCuration reward: 0.030 CTP for jongolson/olsonyoufatfk-om8th8prp1