Leo DHF inspired me to write this post.



Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. That is a quote from my first boss when I was a teenager. That is approximately forty years ago. And it has stuck with me.

As I was struggling to think of something dealing with finance for my LeoFinance long form post this evening. I picked up my phone and put it down about 10 times.

Reads some blog posts, searched crypto news and really did not come up with much. As I turned off my phone and sat it down for the tenth time this post started to form in my head.


I think part of the trigger was I read the LeoFinance DHF proposal again. Maybe for the tenth time as there is a wealth of information in it.

And I came across this:

"Our Vision for The Everything App on Hive is definitive and permanent, and we have a 10-year roadmap ahead of us."

This is after a little over four years since Leo was born.

I am inspired when it comes to building BBH.


As a business person and trying to build some fantastic on the Hive blockchain there are many days I have doubts. Especially Sundays.

You see Saturday is drip day for Building BBH (@hive-112281) and the drips are done with the @bbhbot account.

The disappointments are with over 600 people getting some swap.hive, even if it is low, close to 50 people getting drips of Leo I struggle to get people to do a simple screen shot and share it.

The Sundays are usually a dead day for BBH token sales. You would think people would be eager to share what they are getting and be encouraged to pick up some more tokens.

But I guess I just don't have BBH built to that point yet.

BBH is only just over three years old. Maybe I need a ten year plan. Obviously it would have to be open to adjustments as technology changes so quick.


Going to rehash, copy and paist, with a few edits from an April post about what is BBH.

@hive-112281. This is the build BBH account. The account I use to post daily about BBH and the account I use to play splinterlands. The Splinterlands helps add to the overall value of the Building BBH business.

And there is the @bbhbot account that is used for tipping and doing the weekly swap.hive drips to anyone holding 10 more BBH. And Leo drips to anyone holding 10,000 or more BBH tokens.

It is my baby.

Yes I call it my baby, my idea going on over three years ago. Back when I was brand new to Hive and did not have a clue but I wanted to do something, try something.

The orginal idea was as a stable coin backed by bitcoin. So 1 BBH equals 1 Satoshi. That was before HBD has become what it is today.

So what was a person to do? Abandon my baby? No fracking way. I had to adjust. So I did.

The first thing I did was decide that BBH was going to be back by the value of the whole @hive-112281 account. That includes HP, HBD, and all of its second layer tokens.

Second I had to find a use case. And that was as a tipping bot.

In a 24 hour period, reset at new day UTC. There are currently four levels of tipping. And if need be as the future continues I can add more. (Being worked on).

Level 1 = 1000 BBH holdings = 1 tip per day you can send
Level 2 = 5000 BBH holdings = 5 tip per day you can send
Level 3 = 20000 BBH holdings = 20 tip per day you can send
Level 4 = 50000 BBH holdings = 50 tip per day you can send

You don't have to stake, just hold. The tip does not come from your holdings but from BBH itself.

Does not everyone love getting a tip?

Then I thought what can I do to make it more attractive 🤔 . What if BBH was also an income token? So it is. It started paying swap.hive weekly, ever Saturday on December 2022. And a couple months ago Leo.

I am having fun. I am building a project. It may not be the biggest or greatest but I am trying to do something. Something a little different than everyone else.

How many tipping tokens are also income tokens?


Building a business takes time. I have ideas, I have things, relationships, in the works.

As long as there is Hive, as long as I am alive there will be BBH.



I did get my payments but I had to scroll down a bit to find them.


Friend Bradley, not only do I wish you success in this project, but I also want you to know that you have my support.