Friday Finance 7/29/2022: Long Train Running


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It is time again for another Finance Friday/Friday Finance. This is a series I started where I talk about random bits of financial stuff that I have seen, gathered, or experienced during the week. I hope as a reader you find it informational, entertaining, or both. I also hope it can generate some good discussion and edify the Leo community.

Anyone here a fan of the Doobie Brothers? How many of you clicked on this post just because of the title? I know this post is supposed to be all about finance, but when I think about the crypto markets lately and all of the development that is taking place out in the open and behind the scenes, it makes me think of this song:

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It's like we are all on this train that just keeps chugging along the tracks. We run into some stops along the way, some awesome scenery and some flat open nothing, but at the end of the day, that long train just keeps running.

By the way, if you ever get a chance to see the Doobie Brothers live, I highly recommend it. Even sans Michael McDonald, they are great

That's what I think of it anyway.

Speaking of the long train running... Launches GPay

I got an email the other day letting people who have accounts on know that you can now use Google Pay to purchase crypto in the app. Now, I know some of you have some really strong feeling about Heck, I do myself.

They recently changed some of the requirements for their cards, and they have a tendency to charge pretty high fees (what exchange doesn't), and they have some pretty high limits for withdrawing funds.

All of that aside, I think this is just another step towards mass adoption for us. I personally use Google Pay for a lot of different things. It is so much easier and convenient that paying with cash or having to swipe or insert my credit card.

It also makes it easy to purchase stuff online, just like a PayPal account. The only downside I see is this is Google Pay, so right now it is Android only. I have a feeling Apple Pay probably won't be as eager to jump on board, so that kind of leaves iPhone users in the dark. I guess if they want to stay competitive though, they might be more willing to allow payments than I think.

Either way, this just feels like another way to get crypto into the hands of the people and in my opinion that isn't a bad thing.


I'm generally pretty skeptical when I see a headline for an article that goes something like "random token" surges as.... You know what I am talking about, I am sure you probably see one or two of them every day just like I do.

Part of the reason I don't usually pay attention is because most of the time it's for some token that I don't even own. The other reason is probably pretty obvious. People don't know what they are talking about half the time and the media is just throwing out clickbait article titles...

All that being said, when this article about Bitgert came across my feed, I did a double take.

I'm not ashamed to say that I picked up some of the BRISE token a while ago. The price is insanely low, so you can spend like $25 and get a couple billion of the tokens right now or something like that.

I spend more than $25 on much stupider things, so I figured why not. I honestly can't remember what my actual buy in price was at. I know I could go back and look at the block explorer, but I am kind of lazy. I locked up most of the tokens into a time locked staking pool and just forgot about it.

I've seen a lot of buzz about the Bitgert token in the past, but let's be honest, when a token value has six zeros after the decimal, you don't usually have very high hopes for it.

That's still the case with BRISE/Bitgert, but it sounds like some of the ETH whales are giving it a second look much the same as they are turning to Polygon lately.

To be fair, the article sounds a lot like a hype or fluff piece to me, but if you are looking for something to throw some fun money into that has a better use-case than one of the meme-coins like Shiba, you might want to give BRISE a look. Or don't, if it moons you can count on me to be the first to say I told you so!

Of course, do your own research :)

Constructive Feedback

Time to get to brass tacks here. Let me know what you think of these Friday Finance posts. Do you love them? Do you hate them? When you see the same banner and opening paragraph every Friday do you feel like they are a low quality crap post? I'm trying to walk the line between having a brand and keeping the bulk of the content fresh.

Let me know in the comments, be honest, I can take it!

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The random token articles will always come out. I tend to think that most of these articles are paid articles and people use it to shill their projects/holdings for a pump.

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That makes a lot of sense.