Being the farmer - rising to riches in dCRop - week 3



I have decided to split my series of Passive earning in Hive games into a separate post, so I will write about dCrop, dCity and Splinterland independently now. I think I will write about dCrop and Splinterland at the end of each season of each of them. I am still not sure how often I will write about dCity, but I might keep the weekly schedule.

End of season results.


The last season was not my best, I did not have a lot of crops, and most of them were only 1 star, as a result, I have around 160 shares and received only around 200 CROP.

I still have not bought any new cards, as I need to buy Rare and/or legendary and I could not afford them. I think I will have to hold some HIVE and buy a lot of Beta packs.

New season plan

The first thing should always be to start a new quest, as after you do some actions, like planting, the quest items will not include it. MY newest quest items are:


By the way, I need to reroll around 4 times to get the quest I can complete.

I have already planted half of my items, and I have not used any MIstery seed as I have enough of my own cards. However, to help me move in the holding ranking I think I will need to buy more land and NFT cards.

In game changes

There are a few changes in the game. The most notable is the new UI for the market, with a new background, can filtering options. Additionally, the quest is going to drop a new NFT, the new items will be used with a Beta release card.

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