Untold Soccer Tales !..

Hello Sports Lovers,

Its been a great year for me to look over a particular sport which I adore mostly compared to other and the enchanting bliss of it what has made me feel special and awesome looking from the top of it. Now I would say I wasnt that much watchful at the sport right from the start of the year, but I guess I witnessed some of the events which I think I have a point to make.


The Switch Of Interests.

This might be a rather relative point of view when we do see the gap between the people holding in the attention and the craze for the sport that they hold and in most cases when the people are busy in making their own life, struggling with the daily works and economic recessions, the rise of war threats and which let people see through the dark angle of life, the game of sports start to get bit off grid and thats what happened all over the world.

I could remember the year 2020, when people were in a newly formed crisis ; fighting against an invisible force- a virus that spared nobody and killed many a men, the empty seats of the oval shaped stediums start to get bit rusty and the green grasses of the soccer field grew large.
Some of us really hate the way some of the fans react when players commit mistakes at the time of play, but we just cant forget that -- without them, sports have little to less values and things go on.

There were times sitting idle in the stedium bench, I could see not a single fellow there to witness matches and its like that the high action packed matches and voltaged rivalries have gotten in the sloth mood and the energy influx,the free flow and the spirit is absent, that the passion has gotten weak and since no fans remain there to cheer up, so as quite naturally the rhythm seems as to be lost by the process.


The Post Covid Look.

Now pandemics do end someday and everything has a termination, so we passed on new stages and governments started to loosen obligations and proscription against the people following safety protocols and rules attached to behaviour conducts, entry and accees to attend in a large crowded gatherings, stediums ordered to initiate their ticket selling and earning revenues to keep the daily tally on and regularize the rhythm in sports.

Now as I look around soccer, what I see as the striking imbalance between the organisation and board that hold the authority to work for the succession of development in their particular field,of course corruption is a factor behind the stealth of money and putting up front self interests first, the officials colouring their hands with bribes and betting the black cards first, thats what make me be pessimistic towards the state of sporting atmosphere.

For most part of the fact that the regulatory authorities are truthfully quite strong in their standing position of morality and ethical statures, but thats a few good berry among the pile of stale cluster of the fruit box. Sport has two different taste, one that is the amateur level and the other professional.But do we know what it takes for a sportsman to pass from one stage to the another and what level of dedication, heartbreak,tons of failure and the irony of fate,caprice rolls over his life, when it is mostly uncertain?


The artists are those who hold the beauty of art and carries the incessant practice of keeping the ingenuity alive and burning it in the blaze of it, purifying in the simplicity and openness of the imagination that drives the art to a form, when it reaches in the advanced level and we see players pop around like, Lionel Messi, CR7, Maradona, Pele, Xavi, Puyol, Klose Etc. I would say that they were lucky and fortunate that luck turned positive towards them,but still there are coutless who despite having a good skill and talent fell behind and lost themselves in oblivion.

The Symptomatic Disease.

I myself grew up looking at the scene, where a thousand of the athletes, the football players in the grassroot level showed up to their feets and knees, carried bruises in parts of the body,worked hard years after year and pulled the hard button to materialise their own dreams to the level of perfections ; but still couldnt find after years of trial and attempts. Because only a few seats available to have the trump cards, the ticket to fly to their own academy, stedium and the league divisions.

There might be gaps in infrastructurual facilities, but thats not my point of blaming, I only do criticize those who fill their pocket first and then spend the rest of the money to merely develop the project they were once assigned. Sometimes the lease approval do appoint them that they would create a new stage for the local players, but in raw real assessment, a perfect investigation proves that they harness 50% of the fund to other channels, that it becomes vague enough to pass through the identifiable points and thats how digital corruption takes place in sport.

Today, when I look at the football sector, even just a birds eye browse at the newspaper, most of the news focuses on the commercials, the ads, the documentary of profits, the transfer talks, the business mechanisms and how large stake holders won over another by counteracting the opponents cards, etc etc, bla bla.. Thats what has spoiled the beauty and, unluckily or luckily the modern culture has grasped that to the fullest degree and people today think that how they could spend their few dollars to the ticket booking.


Last Words.

In one way, the exaggerated commercialization contributing to the players own way of presenting himself to the clubs stature, the modification of his talent into something that apparently looks good, but spoils own ingenuity. We dont see any substitute to Maradona, because players busy in committing fouls at distinct intervals, in need of situation, in need of club and plan,in need of win and for the purpose of winning titles and furnishing the commerce at the end of the process.

I think I have made my point clear. To me thats just a few remarks of mine, which I express out of the covert pain deep inside my mind. I just dont want to blame anybody for this, but the practice must be stopped and when we could do that, sport will get its color back and then the sublime cause of it will be served. I do eagerly wait for the day.

Thanks For Reading.🙂..