Dealing With Real Challenges.


Hi, Proof Of Brain,

There is much more concerns in the personal life of us, right ? Have you felt that in the times when the demands and expectations rise high in the critical point of life? To be honest with the view that - quite a lot of times, I had to take serious options and initiatives for which I dont feel good at and in the space that, there could have been a better efforts to be taken.

Today, I would show to you some of the facts I do think necessary to enclose with you. These things are not just meagre a fact, but carry a vital meaning and significance in the broad way life we lead . Sometimes, hardships do come and like we all face that in our life, there are moments in our life, that makes us feel to little and force us to close our fists, the claustrophobic points which tend to make us weak, but here is what the lessons we got to take.

Dealing With Financial Insecurities.

Now,not everyone is born with a golden spoon in mouth and not everyone gets a fair chance of luck to be born in a family of blue bloods. The lion share of the people live below wealthy line and the human race, the history speaks of greats to mediocre people who made remarkable contributions in life and the world around us, were in a struggling class, who at times had to work really hard to make both ends meet.

Luxuries are for short time pleasures and they finish of like dreams end up at times, but quite a lot of times in our life we face with difficulties that create a very tough reality before us. Often in regions like Africa and some parts of the Asia, people only worked for to make sure that they have their foods at home, have a basic stability of the house where they live in and goes well with the time of natural calamities.

But still faced down with lots of adversities in life, they never forget to smile and admit their ill fated life and they work thereby to change their lot. Its not like they got so many gifts from their life, its just the case that, what little opportunity life provided them,they hold onto the grip and moved on,they thought that financial insecurities are just short term deviations and making adjustments is what can propel them forward.

Now I would say that, if you have that in your life also,do admit that and dont be to much captious of the fate that you have. There are people who even live life in much distressed conditions and still they lead their life with a common goal. I just want to tell you that, have that tendency in your life.
Life will be very enjoyable.

Encounter With Failures.

This part of the fact is what I always view as one testing side of human life, that most of the people dont know how to deal with it. Its true and you can have a look at the statistics provided by the agencies that nearly 3% of the young minds find it hard to make balance between the life that they have and with the extremity of failures and setbacks are what make theri life full of depression and push them to take the most detrimental decisions to take.

Well,here I do say that,the most important lesson one has to learn is the knowledge of coming out of failures and knowing how to take failures quite comfortably. There has to be a vet tight and elastic threshold of bearing the bitter taste of failures. The great people who stood out on the earth had the unique abilities to taste the failures and they just took that as a process of attaining ground breaking success in life. The life was obliged to give them their dues, because they never let the life choose the reward,they snatched it.

I came up with a few seminars in the state university where the young minds had a big problem and I felt that they dont have the mind to fight back and earn what they deserve. Its not like their own fault, but the cultural push & the environment what made them to be so, and they formed the mind by the process. Its the case of psychology and so I felt to make them confident and people around me as well.

Last but not the least I would like to say that,whatever age that you are passing just, do think of the two factors that I noted above, be smart and be creative in finding what options you can make out of a long queue f failures you have in your drawers. I know, there arent too many options to choose for your life and mostly people have the same.

Options arent given, it has to be made. Now, its your duty to choose what that is available for you,go and find it.There would be a time in your life, when the exact time will pass away and you will be old and with the losen energy and drive, the productivity of young age, dont be upset then by thinking what things I did when I had the greater gift, the energy?

I dont think so this would be a great feeling to ask the question later on the life. Despite having financial insecurities, the low budget for making an enterprise, the tons of failure in the back, still you could do things that would astound half of your enemies and inspire the rest of your fans and devotees. There is power in your approach, if you only could commit to it and build your life on that.

Lets say, life is good and its worth living despite the challenges . Thanks so much and I welcome you all wishing a happy success for the future. God bless us all.